Dave P. Fisher                        
Author & Western Humorist

Double Diamond Books                      
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About Dave


Mountain men, Voyageurs, pioneers, and explorers make up the branches of Dave’s family tree. His mother’s side was from Canada where the men plied the fur trade in the Canadian wilderness. Others moved down into the wilds of Northern Minnesota and established trading posts among the Chippewa.

On his father’s side his grandfather, born in the 1800’s, was Blackfoot Indian from Montana. He was a hunter and horseman who brought a great deal of Old West influence into the Fisher family.

As a lifelong Westerner Dave inherited that pioneer blood and followed in the footsteps of his ancestors. Originally from Oregon, he worked cattle and rode saddle broncs in rodeos. His adventures have taken him across the wilds of Alaska as a horsepacker and hunting guide, through the Rocky Mountains of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado where he wrangled, guided and packed for a variety of outfitters.

Dave weaves his experience into each story. His writing, steeped in historical accuracy and drawing on extensive research, draws his readers into the story by their realism and Dave’s personal knowledge of the West, its people, and character. As an example the inspiration for his popular Poudre Canyon Saga series came from an ancestral Canadian family of twelve sons, all voyageurs and trappers. Two of the sons ventured to the Rocky Mountain West in the 1820’s to trap and were never heard from again. The Saga is based on what might have become of those two men.

With near to 500 works published, Dave’s accomplishments and credits include: Winning two Will Rogers Medallion Awards, one for Western Fiction with his collection of short stories Bronc Buster – Short Stories of the American West and again for Western Humor with The Auction Horse. In addition he has won 9 People’s Choice Awards for western short stories. He is also the author of 15 novels and books, over 70 published short stories, and has been included in 18 anthologies. .


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