Dave P. Fisher                        
Author & Western Humorist

Double Diamond Books                      
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Jack & Cleve

Jack and Cleve are back!

From Double Diamond Books
the boys from the Plenty o' Rocks Cattle Company,
along with their pals, have returned.

Real Cowboy Stuff  is a 20  story collection of adventure, misadventure, and real cowboy stuff, but don't expect any of it to be serious.

What is the difference between Hollywood cowboy stuff and REAL cowboy stuff?
One is perfect, edited, cropped, photo-shopped, and serious. The other ain’t. Guess which is which?

Take a humor-filled ride to Winnemucca, Nevada to meet Jack and his gullible, always looking for a path-to-riches ranching pard Cleve, as they strive to scratch a living out of their Plenty o’ Rocks Cattle Company. Every day on the Plenty o’ Rocks is a struggle against the elements, calamity, broken down trucks, past due bills, unwelcome visits from Slim, and Cleve’s crazy get-rich-quick schemes. Then, throw in the cast of characters from Charlie’s Bar and the Auction Yard, and you have a recipe for Real Cowboy Stuff.

In Jack’s satirical, calls-it-like-he-sees-it viewpoint you will hear about his best buddy Stubb, who is a bit short on modern understanding; nemesis windbag neighbor Slim Johnson; prankster and Charlie’s bouncer 300-pound Big Billy Bear; Mindy, Old Man Polecat, Lefty, Three-finger Mike, and a few other characters who weave in-and-out of his life leaving him to sometimes wonder if he is the last borderline sane person on earth who hasn’t crossed the border – or has he?

Available in print, Kindle, and the Kindle Lending Library.

Real Cowboy Stuff
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