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Northwest Suspense

Northwest Suspense Collection


If you are over 50 years old, an outdoorsman from the time you could cast a fishing line, and were an adventurous youth then chances are you grew up reading great novels by outdoor story masters like Jack London, James Oliver Curwood, or Charley Niehuis’ Trapping the Silver Beaver, and Jane and Paul Annixter’s novels, in particular Windigo and Swiftwater, which I read so many times the pages wore out.    

     This genre seems to have disappeared with the advent of a changing society that has become more urbanized than rural. Where outdoor pursuits have been replaced by indoor pursuits and the sense of adventure youth once had is focused on handheld electronic toys. However, I have been greatly encouraged by school librarians that young people are still greatly interested in outdoor suspense-action-adventure novels.

     Beginning with Cold Blows the Tundra Wind, the outdoor suspense-action-adventure novel is back under the series title of the NORTHWEST SUSPENSE COLLECTION. Stories fit for young and old to read and enjoy over and again.

     These novels are steadily moving contemporary stories set in rural and wilderness areas of the Northwest states. The stories reflect time honored values, strength through family, courage, and overcoming the difficulties presented. As the values are timeless technology is ever advancing. The crimes will be solved by incorporating 21st Century technology such as aircraft, cell phones, surveillance electronics, DNA testing, and lab analysis of evidence.

     I am encouraged by the fact that young men and women are still reading this genre. So, for all of the present generation of young readers, and all us old timers who grew up on good stories, these novels are for you. Pass them on to your children and grandchildren.

Thank you for reading.

                                                                                                                  – Dave P. Fisher


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     Run Down the Sun
A botched poaching attempt, resulting in the murder of two Glacier National Park rangers, initially points to Earl Talbot as the killer, a  reprobate from a Montana family with a 150-year criminal history behind them.
Flathead County Sheriff’s Sergeant Jake Fontaine and Detective Tiger Reagan believe they have an open-and-shut case with Talbot’s arrest until an unidentified bootprint at the murder scene and a stained area on Earl’s blood splattered jeans with DNA belonging to another person makes them question their ‘facts’.
Digging deeper, Jake and Tiger uncover a maze of suspects and seemingly unrelated evidence, but after three more murders their answer becomes clear and culminates with a desperate chase through the rugged Montana mountains to catch the killer before he crosses the border and disappears into the Canadian wilderness forever.


  The Yaquina Covenant

A defunct lumber mill lost to a depressed Oregon economy, its wealthy owner, and a handful of aging residents in the remnants of the mill town weave a homespun illusion of rural innocence.

Retired Sheriff’s Detective Brant Warwick moves his family to the Oregon coast. When an old logger tells him of finding his friend dead behind the mill grounds, of clandestine nightly activity and police investigations halted, Brant’s cop blood takes hold and he begins to dig. The more he digs the more he finds. The old mill is merely the tip of a hulking iceberg. Brant calls for help from his brother Mickey, a 30-year DEA veteran with a stellar record whose team was instrumental in the ‘92 breakup of Asia’s Golden Triangle drug rings.

The game heats up and the stakes turn deadly as the truth and players surface, but Mickey plays the game with steel nerves until he discovers that one of the two Oregon-based agents assisting him is on the take. The problem is both were on his Asian team and are his best friends. The question is – which one can he truly trust to cover his back and which one wants him dead?


    Mark of the Killer


The close-knit community of Cougar Bend lay quiet on Idaho’s Clearwater River.

Eighteen-year-old Ty Kavanagh, fights an inner battle of guilt and self-blame for an accidental death he had no control over.

Jep, 19, whose family are the despised corrupt Shuler clan long standing enemies of the Kavanaghs, struggles to break free of the family mold and lift himself up to respectability.

Le Tueur – The Killer. A rogue big game and horse killing cougar turned man-killer has defied all attempts to bring his hide down from the mountains. His wanton destruction has touched all in the community, including the Kavanagh and Shuler families.

Ross Dubois, the old Nez Perce hunter believes the huge Tom is possessed of an evil spirit that only a good spirit can kill. Until that person appears, The Killer will continue to leave his mark of death wherever he silently stalks.

When Le Tueur kills a hiker outside of town, and the murder of a young woman traveling through the area lands squarely on Jep Shuler’s doorstep. The town is roused to action. Claiming his innocence, the reputation of Jep’s family has placed him as the suspect. When Ty Kavanagh sides with his old enemy, and together they hunt down Le Tueur, Cougar Bend is forced to realize that everyone should be given a chance to redeem himself.  



   Cold Blows the Tundra Wind                                                                                      

COLD BLOWS THE TUNDRA WIND – A contemporary crime story set against the backdrop of the Alaska wilderness in the tradition of Jack London and James Oliver Curwood.

Just as hunting season is about to start, Master Guide John Forester goes up against outlaw guide and poacher Dirk Benedict, and an Alaska Wildlife Trooper on the take only to find himself behind bars when they set him up. With Forester out of the way and the trooper in his pocket, Benedict has free run to conduct his business while John’s wife and 18-year-old son Lee face financial ruin and fears for John’s long-term imprisonment.

While Lee, an Assistant Guide who cannot legally guide alone, works to hold everything together, Parker Raines, a Registered Guide and a stranger to them all, steps up to accept the job of guiding in John’s absence. Teaming up with Lee, things are looking up for Johnson Creek Outfitters and the family, until Lee discovers Parker associating with Benedict, leaving him and his mother to wonder about Parker’s real intentions. Did Parker work his way into the operation to serve his own illegal agenda or is there more to the mysterious guide than meets the eye?


    Code of the Bush

A strong-arm mining company, a boy running from killers, and an attempted kidnapping of his daughter brings Jason Donnelly out from under his Alaska cover to fight the crime family who thought they’d killed him twelve years before in CODE OF THE BUSH.

Jason Donnelly thought he was a high level body guard for VIP’s until he found out the people he worked for and guarded were the leaders of the Clemente crime family. Once in, you didn’t get out. Determined to break away he is betrayed by his brother, resulting in his wife’s death from the car bomb meant for him. Taking his four-year-old daughter Jason escapes back to his native Alaska, adopts his old nickname of Duke, and takes up a gold claim in the bush.
Duke realizes his cover has been blown when he learns that the mining company trying to push him out belongs to the Clemente family who are making a move for the Alaska territory. He has two choices – to leave everything and run again or stand and fight. Jason Duke Donnelly makes his choice – he’s done running.


What the readers are saying in regards to this series:

Code of the Bush

“Excellent book that you don't want to put down.”

“Like Dave Fishers westerns, this book did not let down. An action packed story just like the westerns, couldn't put it down.”

“Very good. Always wanted to go to Alaska. Never could. Thanks for taking me there in all your adventures.”

“A good story well written by an author knowledgeable of setting of the story.”


Cold Blows the Tundra Wind

“A wonderful book. Wish more were written like this for my grandchildren to read that like to read. Keep it up!!”

“Well written, suspenseful. Author knows hunters. Believable, I'll buy more of his books, enjoyed reading it very much.”

“Interesting story about life in Alaska. Always enjoy Dave P. Fisher.”

“This engaging story kept me turning the pages. I'm a hunter and found the descriptions to be accurate and interesting. The dialog was well written and I enjoyed the plot twists.”

Mark of the Killer

“Awesome book. One of the best.”

“Wow. Just wow! It was difficult to put this down to do things I had to do. I could almost smell the forest, hear the river, sense the big cat nearby. A must read.”

Run Down the Sun

“As good as the Old West books!”

“I enjoyed the mixture of old westerns and modern mystery.”

“The author wrote with authority and let the reader guess wrongly who the culprit was.”

“It is a modern day western filled with good vs. evil, tough lawmen, ruthless outlaws, and a manhunt in the rugged country that helps define the Big Sky State.”

“I locked in and disliked putting this down. Twists and turns. If you aren't on the ball you'll miss some important clues given early on. Great story!”


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