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The Poudre Canyon Saga

The Poudre Canyon Saga series
is back through Double Diamond Books.

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Book 1 - Where No Man Rules

Book 2 - The Last Buffalo Days

Book 3 - Only One End

Book 4 - Ring of Conspiracy

Book 5 - Look Past Today

Book 6 - Moon of the Strong Cold

Book 7 -
The Fates of Justice

Book 8 - The Cost of this Ground

Book 9 - The Pelletier Standard

Book 10 - Bound for the Fair Land
The concluding novel in The Poudre Canyon Saga series


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The inspiration for the Poudre Canyon Saga was born from the history of my French-Canadian family on my mother's side.  My mother's family has a long history dating back to Acadia and Quebec, Canada. My grandfather was a Marier. My grandmother a Peloguin. My great-grandmothers were from the Ouimette family, and the Pelletier family.

Many of my Canadian ancestors were involved in the fur trade, many were Voyageurs working for the fur companies. One of those families had eleven sons, all were Voyageurs from the Trois Rivieres area. Two of the sons left Canada, no reason given in the records of our family as to why. They went to the American West during the beaver boom of the 1820's, and were never heard from again.

I often wondered what became of my two ancestors that ventured West.  The story of Jean and Andre is the story of what could have happened to those two brothers. 
The Poudre Canyon Saga is derived from the history of these French-Canadians.  Dave


Book 1 - Where No Man Rules

Behind Jean and Andre Pelletier lay Quebec, their livelihoods as Voyageurs, and the body of Claude LeSueur who had flung his final insult in Jean’s face. In a sudden flash of rage, witnessed only by his brother, Andre, Jean had plunged his knife into the heart of wealthy fur merchant Maurice LeSueur’s son. Together, the young trappers flee westward ahead of the hangman and the wrath of Maurice LeSueur, a controller for the
powerful Northwest Fur Company.

        As the brothers make their way along the wilderness waterways they learn that LeSueur has engaged two murderous river pirates, Joseph Quesnel and his partner Carcajou, to hunt them. Quesnel, who harbors his own hatred for Jean Pelletier, manipulates LeSueur and his money for his own dark purposes. Jean knows the race has become even more desperate and makes the decision to escape into the American West, a decision that establishes the pattern for the men they will become.

        Making their way into the Rocky Mountains of 1824, the brothers meld into the world of free trappers and Indians, becoming one with them. Years pass and thoughts of Canada and the LeSueurs become faded memories until the day Jean's past comes back and threatens the new life he has so carefully built.


Book 2 - The Last Buffalo Days

        Thirty years have passed since Andre Pelletier’s final parting from his brother at the Horse Creek rendezvous. He has achieved prominence in his adopted Apsaalooke village as White Grizzly, war chief, and a
member of the Council.

        War hangs over the Powder and Bighorn River country with the Cheyenne and Arapaho nations joining the Lakota to fight the onslaught of white migration, and the hated bluecoat soldiers over the treaty-breaking Bozeman Road. The Apsaalooke were content to let their enemy, the Lakota, struggle with the soldiers until an Army company out of Fort Phil Kearny attacks White Grizzly’s village hurling them into the war.

        Due to his knowledge of the white man’s world the Council looks to White Grizzly for direction in fighting the soldiers. Between his concerns for his family, a son gone insane becoming renegade, and the realization that the world they knew is rapidly disappearing, Andre struggles to find answers for the present, and what their impact will be on the ominous future facing them.

        With war looming over them, Andre makes the journey to the Poudre Canyon to leave the women and children of his family in the safe care of his brother, Jean. Then, accompanied by his sons, he returns to the Big Horn River as White Grizzly – war chief, to fight a war he knows they cannot win.


Book 3 - Only One End

Carpetbagger Justin Hornsworth had grown to wealth exploiting the spoils of the post-civil war South. He had also grown over-confident and arrogant in his criminal successes. Following the scent of gold and silver, he made his way west fully self-assured of his attaining further wealth.

     Getting off the stage in Fort Collins, Hornsworth learns of the Pelletier family who owns the most valuable piece of property on the Cache la Poudre River. Setting his sights on stealing the property, he calls in his Atlanta partner and a gang of cutthroats to help him run the Pelletiers off.

     A disastrous move on his part, Hornsworth vows revenge against the Pelletiers and kidnaps women of the family with intentions to sell them to a white slaver on a Mississippi riverboat bound for New Orleans. Across the plains of Colorado and Kansas, the Pelletier men pursue them.

     If they fail the women will be lost forever. As Jean put it, ‘This dirty business can have only one end, our women home safe and unharmed, and my bullet in Justin Hornsworth’s black heart’. 


Book 4 - Ring of Conspiracy

A short time after Paul Lander marries Two Moons and opens his gun shop in Fort Collins, someone begins stirring up trouble against him for being a ‘squaw-man.’ The County Commissioners, headed by Ben Evans, are outraged when the Landers’ house is burned down. The arsonists are caught, and the decision is made to appoint a Town Marshal. Paul is chosen with Jeb Pelletier as his Deputy.

        Controversy continues to swirl around Paul’s appointment as Marshal, instigated by new resident Nicholas Dunn. His motives remain a mystery until the two arsonists are shot dead by hidden snipers, and Dun’s true identity is revealed. Violence increases as the Marshals are ambushed, leaving Jeb hanging between life and death.

        The Pelletiers come down from the canyon bent on helping Paul get to the bottom of the mystery. What takes shape is a ring of conspiracy, a scorpion whose stinger is in Larimer County, and the head half a nation away. A scorpion that is about to be crushed under the Pelletiers’ boots.


Book 5 - Look Past Today

The sudden murder of Don Sebastian Ruiz by outlaws places his son Pablo as the patrón of the vast Ruiz hacienda. Jean and Catharine, along with Henry and his family, make the trip to Taos to attend the Don’s funeral and assist Pablo. Their first order of business is to bury Sebastian, the second to hunt down his killers. A problem arises when Sebastian’s lack of a will puts ownership of the hacienda in limbo as the US Government does not recognize Pablo’s inheritance. Together, they face the challenge of legally securing the property for Pablo and future generations.

Meanwhile, in Fort Collins, a chance glimpse on the street places Jennie at risk when a former enforcer for Madame Min recognizes her and decides to exact his ‘lost payment’ for failing to locate her and return her to Min’s.


Book 6 - Moon of the Strong Cold

A once-in-a-decade killer winter is shaping up for Wyoming and Colorado. On its frigid winds rides sub-zero temperatures and snow that could well wipe out Jean and Ian’s new cattle herds before they get established.

While checking his cattle ahead of the first snow storm, Jean finds two of the new yearlings killed and partially eaten by a grizzly. Setting off alone to hunt down the bear before it can kill more of the cattle, Jean tracks it deep into the mountains. When he fails to return home a desperate search is launched to find him before the high country is buried under snow.

Meanwhile, in Sweetwater County, Dick Norton’s brothers and cousins come to South Pass hunting Jeb. They learn the hard way that taking on one Pelletier means taking them all on.


Book 7 - The Fates of Justice

An unexpected reunion between Jean and Andre with their brother Basille, opens the door to plans for reuniting seven of the Pelletier brothers after a forty-year separation.

In Fort Collins, the political unrest continues with the creation of a City Council. The Council, seven new residents headed by Percy Foster, is determined to oppose the County Commissioners, and dominate the original settlers as they seek to restructure the city to their eastern standards. That is, until an incident involving Tom, Pete, and Will Pelletier sends a shockwave through the community, bringing to light hidden secrets and law officers from another state.

Meanwhile The League, responsible for the illegal acquisition of the Ruiz Grant, is stirring. Learning of Col. Endicott’s theft and the death of Kendrick, two of their members come out of the shadows and travel to Taos. Discovering the extent that Endicott has exposed them, they seek to dispose of the Ruiz property quickly, and leave behind the bodies of all who were involved.


Book 8 - The Cost of this Ground

After the frigid winter, the spring rains have failed to fall on the Wyoming prairie. Soaring temperatures, dying grass, and drying creeks have cattlemen watching the skies for rain, and Woody Clayton looking east, past the Big Sandy River. Clayton, believing himself the omnipotent ruler of the range, recognizes no boundaries or property lines. Where Clayton wants to go, he goes, and he intends to drift his cattle east to graze in order to save his own range – right through Ian Pelletier’s land. Ian warns him not to try.

Ian and his crew prepare to meet Clayton’s threat. Battle lines are drawn at the fence that blocks Clayton from the Pelletier property. In Fort Collins, Clint Rush learns from an old associate that Clayton is hiring guns to drive Ian out. He sends word up to the Poudre Canyon of Ian’s deadly dilemma, and heads for South Pass to back him.

Jean’s and Andre’s reunion with their long-lost brothers at the Poudre Canyon ranch is interrupted by the message from Clint. Within minutes, the Pelletier men are heading for South Pass, into a range war that will forever change the face of Sweetwater County,
and send a shockwave through the Pelletier family.


Book 9 - The Pelletier Standard

Upon Woody Clayton’s death, members of the newly formed Cattleman’s Association come together on his property in search of their stolen stock. While cutting the stolen cattle from the herd, Roy Clayton, Woody’s son, along with his two uncles, ride in to claim the ranch. Their response to the situation reveals to Nash, Ian, and the other members, the nature of their new neighbors.

Coming to grips with Henry’s death, Tom’s soul-searching confirms what he wants to do with his life. Upholding the Pelletier Standard of courage and honor, he steps into Jeb’s old boots, and pins on the badge.

Angelina struggles with her grief and the decisions she must make for herself and her children. Should she move back to the hacienda, or stay in Poudre Canyon? Upon traveling to the hacienda with Pablo to attend his wedding, she has a private meeting with Violeta that resolves her doubts as to what she should do.


Book 10 - Bound for the Fair Land
The End of an Era

When news reaches the Canyon regarding the Denver criminal activities of the missing younger Pelletier brothers, Etienne and Benoit, several of their big brothers decide to ride for Denver to investigate and to ‘deal with it.’ Working with Marshal Nathan Stuart and the Denver Police Chief, they uncover a criminal underworld run by the ‘Frenchmen’, corrupt police, and a web of lies and deception far exceeding the ‘family matter’ they originally thought it to be. 

In a letter from Army Headquarters in Omaha, Sheriff Paul Lander is instructed to arrest all Utes found outside of the White River reservation. With time running out, Tom rides for Sunki’s camp in the mountains to move his family down to the Poudre Canyon ranch, where they will be protected. 

As autumn comes to the Poudre Canyon, Paa Mamaci tells Jean of her vision of him that will come to pass before the aspen leaves turn yellow.


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