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      Historical Western Novels

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       A Pack of Scoundrels

The sequel to “Buck the Tiger” 

Butte, Montana is poised on the verge of a copper boom. The scent of money draws the unscrupulous like blood draws wolves

Gordon Fox, a man reclusive and arcane, has been drawn in with the intent of establishing a criminal organization that will take control of the copper market.

Bella Priest, the New Orleans assassin, is following the scent to Butte with her entourage of scoundrels. Fox has recruited Bella for his partner, but Bella has plans of her own.

Fred Pickett hires Virgil Creede to secretly carry documents to Butte to finalize his investment in a huge copper prospect. When Virgil is attacked in an effort to steal the documents, and an attempt is made on Fred’s life, Virgil sets out to find who is behind it.

Pinkerton Agents Hawkes and Greene begin digging into the swirl of mysteries surrounding the attacks. What they find boils down to one unsettling impression, the Chicago syndicate they crushed three years previously is not as dead as they thought.

    Buck the Tiger

‘Mercenary,’ ‘Gun for hire,’ and ‘Most dangerous man in Montana’ were the saloon and barber shop rumors about Virgil Creede, but the real man, whom they didn’t know, lived by a personal code with very high standards. Anyone bent on harming women or families went against that code, and for that reason Dora Pickett sought him out.
Merciless Chicago underworld boss Jerome Pickett had set up business in gold-rich Helena, Montana dealing in money and murder. When he targets his own son for execution, Dora asks Virgil to help her innocent brother and his family escape their father’s retaliation. He accepted the job.

As Jerome Pickett learned, Montana wasn’t Chicago, and Creede didn’t play by Chicago rules, he made up his own. When Dora joins forces with Virgil to buck the tiger against a vicious crime syndicate she comes to understand that there is much more to the mysterious Virgil Creede than a gun.

                                                     Amazon Best Seller

Devon Macleod awoke staring at the swaying pines rising into the sky above him. He had been shot, his outfit stolen and he didn’t know why. When the tough old widow Abby Chaney found him half-dead on her Bitter Grass ranch and got him home, she swung Macleod’s future into an unexpected direction.

He learned that Abby and her daughter Katy were hanging on by threads to their ranch in the Strawberry Mountains. They were pressed from the south by tyrant Charles Sampson, who wanted their rich summer pastures, and from the north by timber man Egert Taylor, who wanted the Bitter Grass timber, both of whom were willing to kill the women to get it.

Never one to back down from a fight or forget a favor done him, Macleod wanted two things: to find those who had bushwhacked him and get his outfit back, and repay the Chaneys for saving his life. None of them knew how much their worlds were about to change the day Macleod buckled on his gun and stepped into the Bitter Grass fight – least of all Devon Macleod.

    Good Men Stand
Sequel to MACLEOD

A year after Charles Sampson was sentenced to prison accusations and rumors that Brian Richards had stolen Sampson’s ranch begin to circulate among smaller local ranchers, who fear that he will do it to them. When the talk turns to threats of burning Richards out, Devon Macleod steps in to back his friend.
Driven by a dark secret from the past, outlaw Harper Sloan shows up in Drewsey with his gang to further agitate the ranchers into taking action against Richards. What shadowy purpose lay behind Sloan’s actions is a mystery to them all. When his home is attacked and Sam Raven is found shot in the back, Richards has had enough. Backed by his men, Macleod, and the Parker brothers, he sends a loud and clear message to the Drewsey faction of rancher and outlaw alike, “He wanted a war, now he has one. Tell Harper Sloan that Brian Richards has come out to fight.”


    Beaver Valley -
         Stories of the Men and Women Who Built the West

Courage, integrity, and honor were highly respected traits among the men and women who built lives in the early days of the American West, but were they ever subject to indecision, doubts, worries, loss, guilt, and even fear? Yes, after all these were real people with all the same emotions we deal with today. Yet they prevailed, making the right decisions, quelling the doubts, and overcoming their fears.

  Among the 17 stories in this collection you will meet people like Cooper Thompson who can no longer run from his family in He’s My Brother, and Cassie Dahlman who sets out to defend her rights in The Shooting of Rebel Tanner. U.S. Marshal Preston Yates investigates four murders connected to a letter in The Double Deal. There is an accounting for loose tongues in Watch Your Words, overcoming loss, doubt, fear and worry in Mrs. Reynolds, and Old Nate’s Farewell, and witness the consequences of deception in I Did You Wrong. Along the way you will also meet Eli and Rob in Beaver Valley, Case Bristol in Monty’s Last Hand, and Ward Pohl in The Blood Oath, all of whom set out to right wrongs that have been done.
These are men and women of the true westward movement, not the “Western Myth” as some claim. It was real and so were the people.

   When Dusk Falls

Nineteen-year-old Dane Chandler rode away from his father’s grave with one intention – to kill the man who had murdered him over a maverick yearling. As he left behind his home, his place on the Branson Ranch and, most importantly, the girl he had planned to marry, his father’s best friend left him with a prophecy and a light, ‘The time will come when you will see the error of this decision. You will be lost in an endless night, but dusk comes before the night, Dane remember that. Before the night, when dusk falls, remember the way home.’
The next two years found Dane living the life of a gunfighter, hired gun, and professional gambler. Then came the day in Denver when he found himself lost in that endless night and knew it was time to put up the gun and go home, yet it was not to be that easy. There was still one more fight and the final showdown with the man who had once been his partner and his best friend.

  The Hanging of August Miller

The war has been over for 13 years, but Texan August Miller, Marshal for Judge Parker and former Confederate cavalryman, never accepted the South’s surrender. His enmity for all things Yankee fuels his anger as he chafes at the northern victors lording it over the defeated south and carpetbaggers growing rich on the spoils.
Pushed to the brink of his paper-thin Yankee tolerance he strikes back and becomes a wanted outlaw on the run. Envisioning himself a Confederate patriot, August delivers a blow against his hated oppressors; an act which leads him down a road where he is both hero and villain until he realizes that his life is spiraling out of control, that he has lost more than he ever gained, and all that lies at the end of the road is a rope.

Justice Owed

When Ryan and Tessa Monroe perish in their home’s blazing inferno their three sons, long estranged from each other, return to Tucson for the funeral. Differences continue to divide them until two spent bullets, revealed in the hand of the undertaker, brings them to the shocking realization that their parents were murdered and the fire set to cover it.
While the brothers search for who would murder two beloved, elderly store owners, a long-buried history emerges painting a picture of a past they never knew existed; a past that boils down to one man and his obsession for revenge.
During their hunt for the murderer, the brothers come to realize that blood is thicker than the petty differences that have divided their past as the quest for the justice owed their parents rebuilds the bonds between them.


The Outlaw Hunter
                                                Amazon Best Seller

Eli Warren didn’t consider himself a bounty hunter. He hunted outlaws like some men hunted wolves or mountain lions. The bounties he collected were simply payments rendered to a workman, and he was a man good at his work.
Under Eli’s flint-hard exterior, that was merciless to outlaws, ran a wide streak of kindness that showed itself the day he picked up a starving orphan in Dodge City and took him along. He soon learned that the twelve-year-old Rob Slater harbored a common intent with him – to run down the elusive Parson gang. He for the $10,000 reward, and Rob, because Jude Parson had murdered his folks. Rob asked Eli to teach him the trade so one day he could look Jude Parson in the eye and square things with the killer.
Under Eli’s tutorage the two came to turn the outlaw world on its ear until the day Eli honored his brother’s dying request and took his young daughter into his care touching off a series of unexpected changes that would forever mold their futures.


The Turning of Copper Creek

Copper Creek rested quietly in the Nevada desert, peaceful on the surface, but churning with corruption and violence beneath. Run by The Council, it was ruled with an iron fist and hired guns. In a move to control the entire region when gold was discovered The Council, a secret organization of men who had built the town around a copper mine and on the graves of those they had murdered, began to eliminate neighboring prospectors and settlers. The settlers, miners, and ranchers fought back. The winning cards all belonged to The Council until one of the miners, the father of U.S. Marshal Preston Yates, sent a wire to his son asking for his help and the authority of his badge. Shortly after Preston Yates rode into town the battle for Copper Creek began. Will the solid citizens of the area prevail against the murderous Council and their hired thugs, or will The Council once again have their own way?


Zak Doolin's Gold

Betrayal and murder was the legacy left behind by Zak Doolin, along with two panniers filled with gold ore that no one had ever found. His reprobate children, Candi and Reg, wanted that gold yet they were no closer to it than anyone else. Obsessed with her lust for the gold, Candi would stop at nothing to possess it. Then Spence Logan rode into town.

The first thing Spence did was get into a gunfight saving Rose Kindle from a man bent on doing her harm. In doing so, he drew Candi Doolin’s interest. In Spence, she saw the perfect chess piece to manipulate to learn the location of the gold from the only man who could possibly know: Mac Kindle, Rose’s bedridden father who still carried Zak’s bullet in his back.

Before Spence knew it, he was being drawn into a maze of secrets, but he was no one’s chess piece. Spence Logan had a good side that extended to the Kindles. He also had a bad side that made him a dangerous man to cross, and Candi and Reg Doolin were very quickly getting there.


                                         Gold Medal  2014 Best Western Novel               

Jury of Six

For eight years the disappearance of Niobrara ranchers Owen and Aiden MacMahon remained a mystery. When an outlaw gang begins running roughshod over the country leaving another MacMahon for dead, the hard-as-nails MacMahons go hunting for those responsible only to find an old enemy and the answer to the eight-year-old mystery.


  Spit in the Devil's Eye

Fight or hang. One choice. One chance.

Betrayed into the soldier’s hands by the British father he despised, Blackfoot half-breed Buck Drake was given one choice in the Fort Bridger stockade. He could either agree to work in a covert unit in the escalating War-Between-The-States or hang as a criminal at the fort. Always one to fight he chose to fight and found himself swept into a life altering journey.

Having sojourned in the white man’s realm he could never look at his former life the same again. The post-war years found him a warrior, war hero, drifter, Army scout, and convict. A man torn between his two bloods while coming to grips with the rapidly changing west and his place in it.

Then, the pieces of his future began falling into place the day he is recruited into a manhunt for a criminal gang led by the murderous Jules Drake, the father who had betrayed him.

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