Dave P. Fisher                        
Author & Western Humorist

Double Diamond Books                      
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Young Adult

All of Dave P. Fisher's western and contemporary novels are family friendly tales of action and adventure fit for young and old alike to enjoy.

The NORTHWEST SUSPENSE COLLECTION are novels that reach out to Young Adult readers, yet are written to appeal to the taste of all adults. These novels are steadily moving contemporary stories of outdoor adventure and suspense set in rural or wilderness areas of the American Northwest states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

The stories reflect time honored values, strength through family, courage, and overcoming the difficulties presented and the crimes that impact the lives of the characters. As the values are timeless technology is ever advancing. The crimes are solved by incorporating 21st Century technology such as aircraft, cell phones, surveillance electronics, DNA testing, and lab analysis of evidence, yet using them combined with good old fashioned police work.

These novels are available in ebook and print for individual readers as well as
resellers, school and public libraries.

Ebooks and print books for individual readers are available through Amazon.com.

For libraries and resellers print books are available through Ingram and Baker Taylor.


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