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What Folks Say
 A sampling of some of the reviews written about Dave P. Fisher's
Historical Western and Outdoor Suspense novels.

Dave has never begged, bartered, or purchased a review, and never will.
Every review, for every book, has come from a reader who has genuinely read the novel
on their own accord.


Fisher's westerns bring to mind Louis L'Amour." John Mort - Library Booklist review

“The west comes alive in your books and I love getting lost in them.”  Regina Williams - Publisher The Storyteller Magazine

“You have a real talent for writing. The stories remind me of Louis Lamour’s style and content. Keep it up. Very good."
                                                                           Frank Pinney, President, Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival

“You are one very talented writer. You really have a gift for expressing your thoughts in writing. There is an undercurrent of emotion that runs deep in your writing, and you have the gift for being able to express it.”
                                                     Betty Wolf Duncan – Range Writers, Casey’s Corral, Charlie Russell’s Stagecoach

Once again, Dave Fisher writes a powerful story with the most real characters I've read in a long time. This family is fierce in it's protection of one another and what they've built over time. He is able to capture the essence of the strength of "mountain men" while making them real and human. The descriptions of the towns of the west, especially Ft. Collins and Denver are clear and well worded. I think the spirit of the west is alive and well both in the west and in Dave Fisher's wr...


Reader’s Reviews

“Reminds me of the great Louis Lamour.”

“I have definitely found a new favorite author in Dave P. - each new story is just that - NEW!!”

“I have read all of Dave Fishers books and love every one of them. They are very exciting and well written.”

“As with all of Dave Fisher's books, you get a history lesson as well as a page turning story you can sink your teeth into.”

“I have read just about all of this author’s western novels, and they are ALL absolutely fantastic stories.”

“Always outstanding westerns from the pen of Fisher.”

“Recommend every book Dave P. Fisher writes.”

“This is an author whose books are true "Page Turners."

“Mr. Fisher is one of my favorite Western authors.”

“I am finding these books to be very difficult to put down.”

“I've become immediately addicted to all of his books. Excellent author!”

“I love this author's work - it's fresh, intelligent, cleanly & skillfully presented & his characters live & breathe.”

“I really like his books, and I've yet to be disappointed with any of them. I think he rates with the greats.”
“I can highly recommend this author, as one to ride the river with.”

“What a great writer. In the process of trying to read all of his books.”

“So glad I found this western author.”

“This writer has a gift that not many have in the fact that he can paint with words a story you will never forget.”

“Once I found his books I couldn't put them down.”

“I'm always looking to find a good western author, and instead I found a great one.”

“Dave P. Fisher 's work just keeps getting better!”

“Finally, a writer who can hold your attention from the first page to the last.”

“Enjoy all of Dave Fishers books. Am looking forward to reading the rest of his books.”

“Dave P. Fisher is the writer to follow.”

“Dave Fisher has become one of my favorite authors.”

“When I see the name Dave P Fisher I know I'm in for a really good read.”

“This guy can sure spin a yarn.”

“One of the best new authors of westerns that I have read. I have been reading westerns my entire life.”

 “Getting to love everything that this person writes.”

“When I start a new Dave Fisher novel I feel like I'm curled up in the big chair, wrapped up in my buffalo robe in front of a crackling fire.”

I know I can count on Dave Fisher to entertain and even educate me. Some authors just have that golden touch, that insight into hearts that make a book so much more..


Family Friendly Content

“A well written and interesting book without cursing and sex.”

“The absence of vile language was refreshing. I am thankful for writers that do not rely on bad language to tell a story.”

“I have read a lot of westerns, and Dave Fisher is now one of my favorites. Good, clean, enjoyable reading.”

“It is always a pleasure to read a book without all the cursing and sex but even better if it is a western.”

“Really exceptional that it doesn't contain off color language or pornography.”

“No obscenities.”

“Appropriate for all-ages due to the author skillfully avoiding profane language.”

"I love all of Dave Fishers books. They are all exciting and hold your interest. They are all written with out sex which I prefer."

The Poudre Canyon Saga

“This is a very good book. I'm taking the time to write a review, when I'm dying to get to the next book in the series.”

“This particular series has me enthralled... sweeping & so real you can almost smell the mountain air.”

“Excellent series I recommend to anyone who loves the early American West adventures.”

“The story was so good I didn't want it end. Waiting with great expectations for #7.”

“Like getting back with family after a long absence.”

“This is an excellent western genre series. The unique characters develop well.”

“Very well written, holds your interest. Great series.”

“I have been reading western for 40 years. Louis Lamour was my favorite. This book and the ones before are every bit as good as the Sacketts. I have enjoyed reading this series like no other.”

“This is a cleanly written story that will keep you involved until the wee hours of the night. The writer sneaks in a fantastic history of our country that pulls you deeper & deeper into the events of that time.”

“Fisher places us in the locales of that earliest westward movement where we can observe the interactions and motivations of the characters.”

“This series pulls the reader completely into the adventure. Simple words fall far short in attempting to describe the excellence of this story.”

“It's cleanly written & so very addictive. I highly recommend this series but would also suggest you begin with the first book to get a solid foundation to the story.”


 10 Men of Courage

“Promises to be another excellent series by Fisher.”

“Truly a great story with plenty of action.”

“Excellent, cleanly written story that only whets your appetite for more of this promising series.”

“Another wonderful Western from a gifted author!”

“What an awesome book.

“This has to be one of the best books I have ever read.”


     MACLEOD, and the sequel, Good Men Stand

“Another great book by Mr. Fisher. You can't put it down til it's all read. This is my new favorite author.”

“On the strength of this and its prequel, I'm gathering all of Mr. Fisher's books to read next.”

“Need to know when the next one will be out. The story keeps you reading into the night for sure.”

“It is an awesome western and has a wonderful story line from beginning to the end!”

“This is a true western the way it was told in the Old times. I like the whole story from beginning to end.”

“Extremely good read.”

“I really liked this book. When I was deciding to order it, I saw that it said best seller. Now I know why.”

“Good job like a Louis Lamour book. Bought the sequel before finished this one.”

“This is a good western packed with action. Good characters and story line. Already ordered book two. This is good as it gets.”

“Great plot and great character portrayal, where the traditional values of family and love are shown to win over the evil of greed and chicanery.”


     Buck the Tiger and the sequel, A Pack of Scoundrels

“This is One You Have to Read!”

“I think you'll find a really good western read here. Virgil Creede is a western Jack Reacher.”

“This isn't a bang bang shoot 'm up cowboy book by any means.”

“Well paced, great characters & dialogue, terrific plot - in short, just a grand western yarn that'll keep you turning pages!”

“Excellent Story. Mr. Fisher, write more of these. One of the better westerns we have read.”

“A different kind of hero. A different kind of Western. I liked it a lot.”

“All the ingredients needed for a great western. Dave P. Fisher has written another keeper.”

“This book has to be one of the better blends of city crime and Western values colliding.”

 “I enjoyed the complexities, the intricacies, the well rounded characters.”

“This is an unbelievably good story! It had to be to keep this little old man glued to his favorite chair so long to read it. There are very few authors that have accomplished that feat.”

      Justice Owed

“Don't miss this great western...it is EXCELLENT!”

“It's very cleanly written, almost impossible to put down & caused me two late nights of reading which I happily gave up.”

“I think the author has a winner here!!”

“A Western! A Murder Mystery! Old family secrets!! All rolled up into one well told story!”

“Dave Fisher writes a top quality story. This is no exception. A splendid read - great storyline, well defined characters, and a fine plot.”


      When Dusk Falls

“A great story written by one of the best authors ever.”

“I have been reading westerns for over sixty years and this is one of the best yet.”

“Another excellent example of Dave Fisher's genius.”

“This is the best western I have read.”

       The Outlaw Hunter

“Another Dave P Fisher book that I just couldn't put down.”

“Excellent book. I enjoyed it and could not put it down once I started it.”

“Can't give this book too many superlatives. Great story, characters and writing.”

“I have been reading westerns for over 55 years and this is as good of any I have read. This is including Lamour, Brand or any of the others.”

“This has to be one of the best western stories that have ever been written. I could not put it down. This author has certainly captured my attention. Will be reading more of his books.”

“This is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed. I gave up writing reviews a while back but I could NOT let this one go without giving the author his well earned compliments.”

“I got this book this afternoon and once started reading, didn't even consider putting it down. It pulled me into the minds and hearts of the characters so I was saddened when I finished it. It is one I will read again and again.”


Northwest Suspense Collection

Code of the Bush

“Excellent book that you don't want to put down.”

“Like Dave Fishers westerns, this book did not let down. An action packed story just like the westerns, couldn't put it down.”

“Very good. Always wanted to go to Alaska. Never could. Thanks for taking me there in all your adventures.”

“A good story well written by an author knowledgeable of setting of the story.”


Cold Blows the Tundra Wind

“A wonderful book. Wish more were written like this for my grandchildren to read that like to read. Keep it up!!”

“Well written, suspenseful. Author knows hunters. Believable, I'll buy more of his books, enjoyed reading it very much.”

“Interesting story about life in Alaska. Always enjoy Dave P. Fisher.”

“This engaging story kept me turning the pages. I'm a hunter and found the descriptions to be accurate and interesting. The dialog was well written and I enjoyed the plot twists.”

Mark of the Killer

“Awesome book. One of the best.”

“Wow. Just wow! It was difficult to put this down to do things I had to do. I could almost smell the forest, hear the river, sense the big cat nearby. A must read.”

Run Down the Sun

“As good as the Old West books!”

“I enjoyed the mixture of old westerns and modern mystery.”

“The author wrote with authority and let the reader guess wrongly who the culprit was.”

“It is a modern day western filled with good vs. evil, tough lawmen, ruthless outlaws, and a manhunt in the rugged country that helps define the Big Sky State.”

“I locked in and disliked putting this down. Twists and turns. If you aren't on the ball you'll miss some important clues given early on. Great story!”

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